The Best Social Media Blogs For Real Estate From 2017

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Top Social Media Blogs For Real Estate From 2017

The Best Social Media Blog Articles For Real Estate - 2017 Edition

The Best Social Media Blog Articles For Real Estate – 2017 Edition

We’ve arrived!  The final installment of the 5 part series of the “best of” real estate blogs for 2017!

If you’ve been busy enjoying the holiday season and aren’t sure what the 5 part series is, over the past 5 weeks we’ve been highlighting the best real estate blog articles from various topics.

Week 1 we covered the very best home buying blog articles from 2017.  This article was packed with helpful advice for buying a house!

Week 2 we highlighted the top home selling blog articles from this year.  If you’re thinking about selling your home, you need to check out the advice for selling a house that’s provided in the recap!

Week 3 we showcased the best mortgage advice and blog articles from 2017.  There were some fantastic articles ranging from VA home loan facts to why buyers aren’t able to get a mortgage!

Week 4 we provided home improvement and remodeling tips that were written during 2017.  This roundup covered a ton of important topics including the best home improvement projects and how to remove a popcorn ceiling in your home!

Last but certainly not least, this week we’re covering the best social media blogs for real estate!

Below you’re going to find some sage advice from other top real estate professionals on a variety of topics pertaining to social media.  We promise you will find these article recaps helpful and you’re sure to pick up a few tips and tricks from them!

How To Get More Traffic To Your Real Estate Website & Blog

Why do some professionals focus on getting more traffic to their website and blog?  Well, it’s actually a pretty simple equation.


There are many real estate professionals who believe they can buy the best website and they’ll get results simply because they paid for it.  Unfortunately this is not the case!

Increasing web traffic to a real estate website takes time, effort, patience, and persistence!  Earlier this year, we wrote an article that provides some very important tips and information on how to get more traffic to a real estate website and blog!

Tips such as creating epic content and utilizing social media are just two of the best tips for achieving additional traffic to your website.

If you’re thinking about starting a website or have on already and are wondering how you can grow the number of visitors, this article will be a great resource for you!

202 Must-Follow Real Estate Professionals on Twitter

Even though Twitter has been around for more than a decade, are you still struggling to figure out why exactly everyone is still excited about that platform? And, how many real estate agents are actually using it as part of their marketing on a day-to-day basis?

As Xavier De Buck, a real estate agent from Johannesburg (South Africa), explains in his article, it seems that most agents don’t really know how to go about (optimally) using Twitter. While I don’t want to spoil it for the readers who haven’t had the joy to read this excellent article on real estate agents & Twitter, I do want to briefly mention the three main points Xavier is covering in his article:

(1) as a real estate agent, you’ve finally decided to start writing blog articles on particular real estate related topics, and like to now work on ‘getting the word out’ on social media platforms (in this specific instance, Twitter) so hopefully, traffic can start coming your blog’s way,

(2) besides attempting to increase your reader numbers for your personal blog articles, you’re also interested in finding more real estate-related articles (whether they’re informational, educational or entertaining) to share with your own followers across your social media accounts (aka ‘curating’), and

(3) last but not least, Twitter is known to be a ‘fast-paced environment’ where 100’s or even 1,000’s of Tweets can be found in one’s news stream within minutes, so how the heck does anyone even begin to weed through all that ‘noise’ to find share-worthy real estate material? Is there some special way of quickly going through all those Tweets?

If you found yourself nodding your head as you read these above mentioned points, you’ll definitely want to check out Xavier’s article on must-follow real estate professionals on Twitter as he goes into detail how to accomplish exactly those things!

Blogging Tips For Real Estate Agents

Are you are real estate agent looking to start a real estate blog? If the answer is yes I am not surprised as more and more agents are starting to see the benefits of sharing their expertise. Whether someone is buying or selling a home they want to work with someone who is knowledgeable. Well guess what – having a blog shows the world you can be a great go to resource!

Starting a new blog from scratch, however, is not easy. When it comes to real estate blogging there are a number of things you should and shouldn’t be doing. In one of the best social media blog posts of the year, Bill Gassett, presented some awesome advice for the readers over at Contactually with his exceptional blogging tips for real estate agents. Bill went into detail on how a real estate agent can be successful with starting a blog. Bill provides pointers on some of the things you should avoid doing as well as what works.

Personally, I really enjoyed Bill’s advice on having local real estate community pages. We all want our phone to ring from having a real estate blog and providing local information can really be a great way to capture business. Bill talks about and provides references on how to go about creating a helpful community page. Here is an example of a detailed community page on Holliston Mass, one of the towns that Bill provides real estate services in. Notice how Bill does a great job of explaining what it great about the town, as well as information on the real estate market.

Additionally, I know from firsthand experience how important having great images can be to your blogging success. Like Bill, I use Canva, as he mentions in the article. With Canva you can create professional looking graphics! It is an easy tool to use and with a little bit of time and effort you can really enhance your posts.

If you are going to be starting a new blog or just want some pointers on how to make your blog better be sure to check out Bill’s post.

2017 Edition - Top Social Media Articles For Real Estate

2017 Edition – Top Social Media Articles For Real Estate

What Do Real Estate Agents Do For Their Clients Other Than Sell Real Estate?

So much of the daily job of a Realtor® is done behind the scenes. Most consumers don’t really get to peek behind the curtain. If they did they would see a myriad of tasks that must be accomplished to have a successful real estate business. Many of those tasks might not seem essential to a single buyer or seller, but they are necessary for a successful real estate career, which, in turn, translates into success for the buyer or seller client.

It has been estimated that for every hour a real estate agent is interacting face to face with their client, they have nine hours of behind-the-scenes work. In this article What Does A REALTOR® Do For You?, Chris and Karen Highland, central Maryland real estate agents, share about the hard work real estate professionals do.

There are three overall areas which real estate agents must master to ensure a successful real estate business and a successful transaction for their buyers and sellers: 1. A real estate agent must develop a deep knowledge of real estate laws and practices and must value continual learning. 2. As the majority of an agent’s day is spent communicating and following up, they must have excellent communication skills. 3. Much like the conductor of the symphony, real estate agents must manage all aspects of the real estate transaction, while working with several partners to keep the process moving forward to a happy outcome for all.

Check out Chris and Karen’s article and you’ll be amazed and appreciate the hard work that goes into the real estate business.

How Do Top Real Estate Agents Use Social Media To Help Sell Your Home

To some social media is seen as a fun place to hang out and catch up on the latest and greatest news from friends. To others social media can be a pit of despair with too many posts about nothing or silly memes. To the savvy marketer on the other hand social media is a great way to reach out and meet some new people and have those people learn about the product you may be offering.

A perfect example of a savvy real estate marketer is Paul Sian Greater, Cincinnati Luxury Realtor.

When it comes to selling a home it is about finding the right buyer for the home and what better way to find the right buyer then by reaching them through social media as Paul talks about in his article about some great strategies expert real estate agents use to sell homes.

In the past when direct interaction was not always available since the main form of advertising was the newspaper the amount of exposure a home for sale got was smaller. Today with social media and the level of targeting available real estate agents can advertise directly to the right buyer and draw them in to want to see more. Which in turn means a greater chance of selling a home.

Not only is social media a great tool to help sell a home but so is blogging. Whether a real estate agent is blogging about their local community or blogging to educate the buying and selling public the blog they use is a great tool for that. Since people are coming to read the blog that means more people are noticing the agent who is blogging and more will be noticing the work they do in general. The great word of mouth generated from blogging helps the agent better sell homes to the right buyers since they have built themselves up into a local expert and celebrity.

Check out the article Paul has written to learn more about some of the ways expert real estate agents work to help get homes sold.

5 Facts About Internet Marketing & Home Selling

It is easy to get overwhelmed with advice from friends and family about selling your house. A very important consideration is hiring a Realtor who utilizes the internet and social media to market your home!

Sharon Paxson, a Newport Beach, CA Realtor has written an article titled 5 Important Facts About Internet Marketing & Selling Your Home. When selling your home it is imperative to work with a seasoned agent who is knowledgeable and utilizes the internet and social media to market your home.

There are very important considerations when evaluating a Realtor’s online and social media presence. One very important fact to consider is if the Realtor has their own epic website or are they working under a corporate umbrella? In today’s times and with buyers being tech-savvy, buyers begin their home search online, and it is imperative that an agent have their own site where they can control how and when the property is being marketed.

Another important topic to consider is the importance of blogging. The Realtors who continually provide valuable content on a regular basis on their blog, receive more traffic on their websites. More traffic means more potential buyers are going to see the property. Blogging takes time and effort to generate new content, however, it makes a difference in the Realtor’s website. It is also important to find neighborhood and community information included as well showing that the agent is the community expert. Knowing the number of homes and floor plans is important, and any knowledge of community amenities.

Also discussed is how social media can be leveraged to maximize the exposure of a home for sale. Having a killer social media presence makes a difference with regards to the audience who will be searching for a home. Social media is not just a bulletin board of advertisements, it is natural and is a relationship online.

The very first place that a buyer will see your home is online. Having an excellent presentation online is of the utmost importance along with stellar photos and descriptions. The photos must be compelling so they invite the buyer to come and see the property in person!

If you are unsure about the value of social media and internet marketing when selecting a Realtor, then this article will be beneficial.

2017's Best Social Media Blog Articles For Real Estate

2017’s Best Social Media Blog Articles For Real Estate

33 Instagram Tips For Business

As digital marketers for real estate we are always looking for more avenues to generate traffic.  If your website is still in the “google sandbox”, or still limping along with marginal DA improvement, Instagram is a great way to drive traffic, brand yourself, and prospect.

Instagram is still somewhat an underrated network while also being the fastest growing social media platforms now with 800 million+ users.  In comparison Facebook has over 2 billion users.  Instagram has created an environment with exponentially higher engagement than Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

It’s evolving into one of the best places to get your brand, business, and services noticed with unparalleled organic and free reach.  Joy Bender, a Southern California real estate agent, ran a 45 day experiment and grew her following from 500 to 2,000 with minimal effort proving you can grow very fast on Instagram in comparison to paid efforts on Facebook.

In the same time frame Joy tested various Facebook like campaigns as a real estate agent page and with minimal filters page likes were running $5 a piece!  Those who were late to embrace Facebook business page best practices still have a chance on Instagram until it too evolves into a pay to play model.

Joy’s article highlights transitioning your account from a personal account into a business account and also provides 33 Instagram tips for business along the way!  Over half of the real estate agent Instagram pages she’s found have not converted.  She also address more technical aspects like s4s, shadowbanning, and pods.

Winning Social Media Strategies for Selling Homes

The “social-sphere” is not just for posting cat videos anymore.  It seems that just about everyone is using social media for well, just about everything nowadays.  It can be as simple as your neighbor trying to move 5 more boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to AT&T selling you on the next new Iphone.

Social media happens to be a great platform to sell homes as well but there are some “best practices” to follow.  In his latest article on social media, Jeff Nelson from IXL Real Estate Eastern Shore has put together some effective strategies while using social media in real estate.   How can you still sell homes on Facebook and not turn off all of your friends?  How does your profile look?  Do you need to go to photography school?

He covers a lot of ground in a short amount of time about a topic that could make you a success in real estate or make everyone de-friend you.

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About the authors: The above article “The Best Social Media Blogs For Real Estate From 2017” was written by Kyle Hiscock of the Hiscock Sold Team at RE/MAX Realty Group.  With over 35 years combined experience, if you’re thinking of selling or buying, we’d love to share our knowledge and expertise.

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