Home Depot Truck Rentals: What to Know Including Pricing

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What You Should Know About Home Depot Rental Trucks

Home Depot Truck Rentals - What to Know Including Pricing
Home Depot Truck Rentals – What to Know Including Pricing

Are you researching what to know about renting a Home Depot truck? Whether you are planning a DIY move or home renovations, you could need to rent a truck. If your vehicle isn’t big enough to move your stuff, or you don’t even have a car, a Home Depot rental truck could be ideal to meet your needs.

Home Depot truck rentals offer something different from other companies. If you need a truck for a short move and are close to a Home Depot, renting from them can remove many hassles. Most people want to know right off the bat is how much does a Home Depot Truck cost to rent.

You are in luck as we have an excellent guide to Home Depot truck rental pricing. Not only will you find information on truck rental costs but a whole host of other essential points to consider. Maximum Real Estate Exposure’s guide on Home Depot trucks is one of the best you will find.

If you are looking to rent a Home Depot truck, we have the information you need to know. Let’s take a deeper look.

Home Depot Truck Rental Options

When you rent a Home Depot truck, you have a few choices. You can choose from a box truck, cargo van, or pickup truck. And if you need something larger, they are partnered with Penske to offer moving trucks. The Penske fleet is available at most locations, though their charging method for a truck rental is different from Home Depot.

Truck rentals at Home Depot start from $19. This will give you 75 minutes of use of either a cargo van or pickup. For every additional 15 minutes, you will be charged $5 more. Penske, however, uses a more traditional way of charging for truck rental – by the day.

When it comes to comparing a DIY move or hiring a moving professional, a truck rental company like Home Depot can make your move a whole lot easier. Renting one of their trucks can also cut moving costs tremendously.

Truck Availability

Another way that Home Depot truck rentals differ from Penske and other rental companies is reservations. While you might expect to reserve your truck, so it’s ready when you need it, this isn’t how truck rental for Home Depot works.

They don’t give you the option of reserving the vehicle you need ahead of time. You get the choice of trucks available when you arrive at the store. They do let you check on the current availability at your nearest locations on their website. This will only give you an indication of what is available, as trucks could be taken while you are driving to the Home Depot.

This might be ideal if you don’t need to move your stuff on a particular day and if you can choose less busy times for truck rentals. As you might imagine, Home Depot’s trucks are more in demand at the weekends, so if you don’t have to move items on those days, it will be easier to get the truck you need.

Arriving early on the day you need the truck is another option, though it does mean moving early in the morning. Nice weather is likely to lead to less availability as well, with homeowners looking to complete DIY projects in warmer conditions and summer months.

Home Depot Rental Truck Costs

Renting a pickup or cargo van will cost you $19 for 75 minutes, a day’s rental will cost $129, and a week is $903. The box truck is more at $29 for 75 minutes, but only slightly more expensive for a day at $139 and $973 for a week.

On top of that, you will have to pay a deposit of $150, whichever truck you rent. There is also a $150 credit deposit for Penske trucks, but only for round trips. If you are using a Penske truck for one-way moves, a deposit isn’t required.

If you want to rent a Penske truck, the pricing isn’t as clear, and you will need to get a quote. They factor in demand for when you need the vehicle, along with other things like size and rental time. All of the Penske trucks benefit from loading ramps, as does the box truck from Home Depot.

If you want to do a bit of price shopping, you can check out the truck rental prices at U-Haul, which is Home Depot’s chief competitor in the DIY moving department.

Rental Trucks Available from Home Depot

What Type Of Trucks Does Home Depot Rent
What Type Of Trucks Does Home Depot Rent

You can expect to choose from the following trucks from Home Depot:

  • F250 Pickup Truck
  • T250 Flatbed Truck, 10-foot long and slightly larger than the F250
  • Cargo Van, enclosed and ideal for short-distance moves
  • HD Moving Box Truck, suitable for a 1-bedroom move

Four sizes of trucks are available from Penske, these are:

  • 12-foot, with a max weight of 3,100 lbs, for a 1-bedroom
  • 16-foot, with 4,300 lbs max, for 2 or 3 rooms
  • 22-foot, with a 10,000 lbs limit, for 3 to 5 rooms
  • 26-foot, also with 10,000 lbs max, for 5 to 7 rooms

Renting Extra Equipment

You might need a moving dolly to help load your truck, and if you do, Home Depot will rent you one. If you need straps, blankets, and other moving materials, you can buy them in-store, but they aren’t available to rent.

Trailers are available to rent as well. But like the trucks, you can’t reserve them in advance. They offer 3 types of open trailers, suitable for everything up to tall and top-heavy furniture items.

If you rent a trailer from them, they will include a hitch, but if you have your own trailer, you will also need to provide your own compatible hitch. With Penske rentals, they will make sure your truck has a hitch if you need one. They can also rent you a tow dolly or car carrier.

The Benefits of Truck Rental at Home Depot

There are some obvious advantages to choosing Home Depot for your truck rental. Their costs are straightforward to understand, allowing you to accurately budget for your moving expenses if you don’t have much to move. There isn’t any need to worry about making a reservation in advance, and they are available conveniently from your nearest Home Depot.

The Downsides of Home Depot Truck Rentals

The advantage of not needing a reservation can also be a big downside. There is always the danger that the truck you need isn’t available, which could leave you waiting for another customer to return the vehicle.

If you aren’t sure how long you will need the truck for, and you aren’t really close to the Home Depot, you could find your charges increasing quite quickly if you aren’t careful. Many folks make moving mistakes that could have been avoided with a bit of due diligence.

Final Thoughts on Renting a Home Depot Truck

Renting a truck from Home Depot can make a lot of sense if you can be flexible and don’t have far to move your items. Even if you need to move further, the partnership with Penske will get you a more suitable truck with similar convenience.

When it comes to making a DIY move, Home Depot can be a great help. Not only do they have a terrific fleet of moving trucks, but if there is something you need for your new home or to make your move easier, you have the luxury of having a home improvement store right at your fingertips.

Hopefully, you have found this guide to moving with Home Depot to be useful.

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