10 Tips For Adding Appeal To Your Home This Summer

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10 Tips For Adding Appeal To Your Home This Summer
10 Tips For Adding Appeal To Your Home This Summer

Ready for some hot fun in the summer? Don’t let the heat or pesky mosquitoes drive you indoors. You can create the outdoor oasis of your dreams, no sweat.

In this article you’re going to find out some excellent tips for adding appeal to your home during the summer. This is especially important if you’re thinking about selling a home during the summer!

Below are 10 fantastic tips for adding appeal to your home this summer!

1.) Tidy Up

One of the first tips for adding appeal to your home this summer is to tidy up. There are several ways you can tidy up your home!

The first option is to give your patio or deck a deep cleaning. Rent a power washer from a home improvement store and spend a few hours washing the dirt off the hardscapes and patio furniture. (You’d be surprised at how much dirt they accumulated over the winter!)

You can also power wash a rock or brick exterior to make it look new. For siding, it’s best to use a hose with a sprayer, so you don’t scratch the paint.

Pay close attention to the garage doors and gutters. Speaking of gutters, make sure you clean out the leaves and debris. Cleaning gutters is one of the most important summer home maintenance tasks that every homeowner should be completing annually!

Gutters that are full tend to crack easily because of the weight. Check to make sure they’re still in good shape and add some touch-up paint if needed.

2.) Lawn Care

The lawn is the first thing people see when they drive up to your home. It’s also one of the best ways to improve your homes curb appeal!

Make sure it’s lush and green. Hopefully, you fertilized and weeded the lawn in the spring. Now’s the time to keep it healthy by mowing, edging, and watering regularly.

Try mowing in a different direction each week. This will prevent the grass from leading to one side. Make sure your lawn mower is up to the task by changing the oil, spark plugs, sharpening the blades at least every couple years. Dull blades will tear the grass instead of cutting it, leaving it susceptible to disease.

3.) Add Color 

Tips For Adding Appeal To Your Home This Summer - Add Colorful Gardens
Tips For Adding Appeal To Your Home This Summer – Add Colorful Gardens

Green grass is great, but botanicals add beauty. Don’t have a flower bed? Potted flowers lining the front porch or the walkway will command attention. Potted plants are also easy to move.

Be sure to use native flowers and plants like wild columbine and red bane berry that won’t require much maintenance or water. The white thimble weed also grows naturally in upstate New York and attracts pollinators to the garden.

It’s also a good idea to add a Citronella plant to the front and backyards to repel those pesky mosquitoes naturally.

If you own a home that doesn’t get a ton of sunlight, don’t fret! There are some great ways to create a shade garden that will WOW buyers or your visitors.

4.) Add Lighting

You want to enjoy your yard way after the sun goes down. Add some solar lights to the edge of the patio.

While you’re at it, light up the landscaping. It’s a great way to showcase your plants and flowers after dark.

Install pathway lights to illuminate your guests’ paths as they walk to your front steps. The extra light will make it easier for visitors to see your address.

5.) Stage the Backyard

You want things neat and tidy, but you also want people to see how livable your backyard can be. Make sure the table and chairs are in good condition.

Add some colorful pillows and cushion. Make sure the grill is scrubbed and on display. If the area isn’t covered, add an umbrella to provide shade.

Whatever you do, clear the area of all clutter, like kid’s toys and garden tools. Get a garden hose reel, so the hose isn’t lying in a tangled knot.

One of the best tips for staging a home is to NEVER forget your outdoor space. Allowing potential buyers to see how they could enjoy your outdoor space is a great way to help your home stand out.

6.) Add an Outdoor Kitchen 

The summers in Rochester are perfect for enjoying evenings on the patio. The fantastic weather during the summertime in Rochester is one of the top reasons why people move to Rochester NY!

The average summertime temperature is 79 degrees, and the stars put on quite a show.

Adding an outdoor kitchen can add extra appeal to your home by giving you more space to entertain and relax. It’s also one of the most popular things that millennial home buyers look for in a home. You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you’d like, spending anywhere from $500 to more than $10,000. Just make sure there is counter space, and a barbecue grill or smoker to start.

Home buyers love amenities like a dishwasher, or a mini fridge to make cooking and eating outside more convenient. The return on this investment is huge since outdoor kitchens are trending right across the country right now.

While you’re at it, add a pergola. This will allow you to use your kitchen and your patio on the hottest days. You can go a step further by stringing lights on top of the pergola, giving you more light in the evenings.

7.) Fire Pit 

Ways To Improve The Appeal of Your Home – Install A Fire Pit

Again, this can be as simple or as extravagant as you please. You’ll find smaller, portable models at most home improvement stores.

You may prefer a permanent gas structure for the middle of your deck or patio. There are few things more inviting than a cozy fire for your guests. It’s also a great conversation starter for those outdoor barbecues.

You’ll now be able to host those parties all year round. Imagine sipping hot cocoa and roasting marshmallows at your Christmas or New Year’s party.

8.) Add Privacy

It may be tough to enjoy these amenities if you’re worried about neighbors constantly looking into your yard. You could install a fence around your property, but shrubs will more visually appealing.

You can also trim them to the desired height. If that sounds like too much work, consider a vertical garden. You could plant this around the edge of your property or your patio to provide a little seclusion.

Here is an excellent article that gives details on how fencing can impact your homes value to check out if you’re unsure whether installing a fence is the right fit or not.

9.) Attract Wildlife

The sudden appearance of a songbird certainly has a way of making your home seem warmer and more welcoming. Try adding some decorative bird feeders or bird gardens to attract colorful birds to your house several times during the day. Native plants and flowers will also help.

Any seed-bearing plant will attract the birds, but if you want to see hummingbirds, it’s best to plant bright red flowers that produce nectar. A bleeding heart or trumpet honeysuckle is perfect since it’s shaped to allow the birds to sip the nectar.

10.) Update Accessories 

Add new, brightly colored house numbers to help attract people to your home. You might also consider repainting your front door or trim.

Red, yellow, or blue hues are all a great way to add some vibrancy to your front entrance. Add a wreath and a doormat.

Decorative chairs or even a vibrant mailbox will give your house that something special.

Don’t go too crazy with the decorations. A dozen garden gnomes could be overdoing it.

Final Thoughts

Some of these suggestions will only cost you a few dollars, depending on how handy you are with power tools. Some, like an outdoor kitchen, could cost you several thousand.

But keep in mind, the return on these investments is huge. Real estate agents estimate landscaping can increase the value of a home anywhere from five to 15 percent. Landscaping also tends to appreciate over time, unlike indoor remodeling, which can show wear and tear over the years. Trees, shrubs, and plants mature and grow bigger.

As long as the lawn and garden are well manicured and maintained, you’ll have no trouble convincing a buyer your home is well-cared for.

Even if you aren’t planning on selling anytime soon, these are all upgrades you and your guests will enjoy.

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About The Author: The above article, “10 Tips For Adding Appeal To Your Home This Summer” was written by David Wheeler. David is a landscape design writer for Lawnstarter.com. He is an avid traveler and loves to spend his time hiking and strolling through magnificent gardens, learning about rare and native flowers across the world.

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