The “Who’s Who” of the Real Estate Industry to Follow on Social Media – Twitter

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The Who's Who of the Real Estate Industry to Follow on Social Media - Twitter - 50 Top Real Estate Industry Professionals to Follow on Twitter

The Who’s Who of the Real Estate Industry to Follow on Social Media – Twitter – 50 Top Real Estate Industry Professionals to Follow on Twitter

It’s pretty well-known that the real estate industry has been drastically changed with the internet and social media.  This goes for not only real estate agents but also mortgage professionals, inspectors, attorneys, and really anyone who plays a role in the industry.  It has changed how industry professionals market themselves, their products, and everything in between.

Twitter is a social media website that can be difficult to understand at first glance.  Twitter is a very powerful tool for real estate industry professionals, assuming they know how to use it properly.  There are certain Twitter rules that real estate agents should follow.  The biggest faux pas that real estate industry professional make on Twitter is only promoting themselves and their products.  What these professionals don’t understand is that a majority of their Twitter followers could care less.

So are you ready to start using Twitter in your real estate business?  One of the best ways to learn something new is by watching and asking other top professionals who are succeeding.  On Twitter, there are lots of great professionals in many different industries and real estate is no different.

The “Who’s Who” of the Real Estate Industry to Follow on Social Media, Google Plus and Pinterest editions were such a great success, I thought Twitter would be another excellent article to add to the series!

So, I know you’re wondering who these top professionals in the real estate industry to follow on Twitter are, right?  With no further ado, I’m happy to present the third installment of the “Who’s Who” of the Real Estate Industry to Follow on Social Media – Twitter edition.

With the help of my friend and top-selling Hopkinton, MA real estate agent, Bill Gassett, below are 50 real estate industry professionals who you can learn a lot from and also 50 professionals you should be following on Twitter, if you aren’t already!

HouseCall, Nationally Renowned Real Estate Blog

Are looking for real estate trends, tips, or laughs?  Make sure to follow HouseCall on Twitter than!  HouseCall is the official blog  HouseCall is an up and coming Twitter account to watch and is already gaining a very solid following with 123 followers.

Find HouseCall on Twitter – @HouseCallBlog

Invest Four More, Nationally Renowned Real Estate Blog

Invest Four More, powered by Mark Ferguson out of Greeley Colorado, is a great twitter account to follow for those with interest in real estate investing.  On Invest Four More’s blog you will find articles ranging from tips for flipping homes to the time expected to invest in rental properties.  Invest Four More has a very strong Twitter following with over 3,600 followers.

Find Invest Four More on Twitter – @InvestFourMore

Mark Brian, Top Selling Anderson, SC Real Estate Agent

Unique, different, and easy to remember is what Anderson, SC real estate agent Mark Brian calls his real estate website,  It’s for certain that you will find helpful real estate information on Mark’s Twitter account.  Not only his own but others too!  With over 70,000 Tweets, Mark has a very large Twitter following with over 21,100 followers.

Find Mark Brian on Twitter – @MarkBrian

Andrew Fortune, Top Selling Colorado Springs, CO Real Estate Agent

If you are looking for some incredible real estate infographics, you must follow Andrew on Twitter.  If you haven’t checked out Andrew’s real estate blog on his website,, make sure you do.  I guarantee you will be impressed with not only his graphics that he creates but also the content that he writes.  Andrew has a very solid following on Twitter with over 1,600 followers.

Find Andrew Fortune on Twitter – @BigFortune1

Point2, Real Estate Marketing Toolkit

Based out of Saskatoon, SK, provides real estate agents marketing tools to help grow their business.  Point2 does an excellent job actively tweeting and re-tweeting great real estate content.  With almost 3,000 tweets and almost 2,000 Twitter followers, Point2 is a great real estate account to follow on Twitter.

Find Point2 on Twitter – @Point2News

MC2 Home Inspections, Top Rated Indianapolis, IN Home Inspection Company

Home inspector on Twitter?  Yup, that’s right!  Mike Chamberlain, the co-owner of MC2 Home Inspections, is a great real estate industry professional to follow on Twitter.  MC2 Home inspections actively tweets great safety information for home owners, home inspection information for Realtors, or sharing others great content.  MC2 Home Inspections blog has a nice mix of infographics, articles, and videos, so be sure to check it out.  MC2 Home Inspections has a nice Twitter following of almost 2,400 followers.

Find MC2 Home Inspections on Twitter – @MC2inspections

ROC Real Estate Blog, Number One Rochester, NY Real Estate Blog

All real estate, all the time!  If you are looking for frequent Tweets relating to real estate content, look no further than the ROC Real Estate Blog.  Not only will you find lots of tweets from the, but also tweets from many of the other Twitter accounts listed on this prestigious list.  Even though this account has only been Tweeting for a couple of months, they already have a very solid following of over 220 followers on Twitter.

Find ROC Real Estate Blog on Twitter – @RochesterREBlog

Debbie Drummond, Top Selling Las Vegas, NV Luxury Home Real Estate Agent

If you have interest in luxury real estate, Debbie is a must follow on Twitter.  She actively tweets her own content from her real estate blog while sharing others as well.  With over 11,600 tweets and over 2,200 followers on Twitter, Debbie has something for everyone.

Find Debbie Drummond on Twitter – @VegasHomePro

Leo Kingston, Founder/CEO of

Based out of Oklahoma City, has been around for over 30 years.  They have information on their blog on a huge variety of real estate related topics.  Leo is very active on Twitter with over 15,300 tweets and has a huge Twitter following of over 37,000 followers.

Find Leo Kingston on Twitter – @LeoKingston

Ron Feir, Top Selling Las Vegas, NV Real Estate Agent

Almost 450,000 tweets, need I say more?  If you are looking for information on decorating ideas, remodeling tips, tips for home buyers, or real estate in general, Ron has you covered!  Ron has a very large following on Twitter of 13,000 followers.

Find Ron Feir on Twitter – @RonFeir

Al Smith, Fox Printing Canada Sales Rep

Providing tools to help business owners build their business, Al Smith, provides real estate agents with print marketing tools.  Items such as door hangers, post cards, and brochures are just a few items that Al provides real estate agents who are interested in growing their business.  With over 4,000 tweets and almost 2,000 Twitter followers, Al actively shares great real estate articles and information.

Find Al Smith on Twitter – @AlSmith2003

Immoafrica, Johannesburg, South Africa Real Estate Website

The next real estate industry professional to follow on Twitter comes to us from all the way in Johannesburg, South Africa.  The Immoafrica blog has some awesome real estate related articles.  In addition to tweeting their own content, Immoafrica also shares other real estate related articles, tips, and tricks.  With over 1,200 tweets and a solid 330 followers, make sure to check out Immoafrica on Twitter.

Find Immoafrica on Twitter – @immoafrica

Peggy Pardo, Founder of The Decorating Files

Interior decorator, organizer, DIYer, and blog writer, Peggy can be seen as a “Jack-Of-All-Trades.”  Peggy also is a great real estate industry professional to follow on Twitter.  She actively promotes not only The Decorating Files blog articles but also other important real estate related content.  With over 45,700 tweets and a large following of over 10,700 Twitter followers, Peggy is a must follow on Twitter!

Find Peggy Pardo on Twitter – @DecoratingFiles

Inman News, Nationally Renowned Real Estate Website

Most real estate agents and brokers have heard of Inman news. is known for their award-winning journalism, in-depth educational opportunities, and cutting-edge technology coverage, Inman news is a great Twitter account to follow for real estate industry professionals.  With over 56,300 tweets and an astonishing 106,000 Twitter followers, the numbers speak for themselves, follow them!

Find Inman News on Twitter – @InmanNews

RESAAS, A Real Estate Industry Platform Powered By Real Estate Agents

The real estate social network is the RESAAS trademark. is a great place for real estate agents to gain referrals, attract leads, and generate results.  The RESAAS Twitter account is very active with almost 6,000 tweets and over 23,600 Twitter followers.

Find RESAAS on Twitter – @resaas

Connor T. MacIvor, Top Selling Santa Clarita, CA Real Estate Agent

LAPD cop turned real estate agent, Connor MacIvor, is the power behind  Connor creates some very informative video blogs that he shares on his Twitter account in addition to other great real estate related information.  He has almost 12,000 tweets and 1,900 Twitter followers who would agree that his tweets are very helpful.

Find Connor T. MacIvor on Twitter – @Paris911_Com

Neil Mathweg, Top Selling Madison, WI Real Estate Agent

Similar to Connor, Neil also creates some informative video blogs.  One of Neil’s goals is to challenge the status quo and redefine what it means to be a Realtor.  Occasionally you may find a tweet or two from Neil relating to his local Wisconsin Badgers.  Neil has almost 3,500 tweets and over 1,400 Twitter followers.

Find Neil Mathweg on Twitter – @neilmathweg

HouseHunt, Providing Home Buyers Qualified Real Estate Agents

Interviewing buyers agents is a great way to make sure you hire a great real estate agent but so is checking out  This company does an excellent job providing real estate related content and specifically their infographics are second to none.  You will find their infographics on their Twitter page but also articles and resources from other top real estate industry professionals.  They have over 5,000 tweets to go along with their 1,700+ Twitter followers.

Find HouseHunt on Twitter – @HouseHunt

Kyle Hiscock, Top Selling Irondequoit, NY Real Estate Agent

Lifelong Rochester, NY resident and real estate agent, Kyle Hiscock, is the power behind the Rochester Real Estate Blog.  In addition to the tweeting content from the Rochester Real Estate Blog, you will also find content from other great real estate industry professionals.  With almost 2,000 tweets and almost 800 Twitter followers, be sure to check out Kyle’s profile.

Find Kyle Hiscock on Twitter – @KyleHiscockRE

Bill Gassett, Top Selling Hopkinton, MA Real Estate Agent

Whether you are just getting started on Twitter or you’re an experienced “vet,” you have probably come across a Bill Gassett Tweet, article, or his website.  Bill is a top producing real estate agent from Massachusetts but still finds plenty of time to attend to his Twitter profile.  With almost 45,000 tweets and almost 20,000 Twitter followers, Bill is an absolute must follow if you have interest in the real estate industry.

Find Bill Gassett on Twitter – @massrealty

Benutech, Brilliant Real Estate Solutions

Founded in 2011, Benutech’s goal is to revolutionize the real estate industry through the creation and implementation of the most advanced and intuitive technology platforms in the industry.  If you have interest in the real estate industry and technology, Benutech is a no-brainer to follow on Twitter.  With over 44,600 tweets and almost 5,000 Twitter followers, people obviously agree that Benutech’s cutting edge technology platforms and information is world-class.

Find Benutech on Twitter – @benutech

ReboGateway, Helps Identify Homeowners Who Are Likely To Sell

One of the cutting edge products of Benutech, ReboGateway is a program that helps identify homeowners who are likely to sell in the future.  It is able to show which homeowners are distressed, which homeowners have had a legal filing, and many other statuses.  Like Benutech, ReboGateway is very active on Twitter with over 27,700 tweets and over 3,100 followers.

Find ReboGateway on Twitter – @ReboGateway

Mortgage Updated, Real Estate & Mortgage Information

If you lacking good real estate or mortgage information, follow Mortgage Updated and your problem will be solved.  Their webpage, is updated by the top professionals at Inlanta Mortgage.  Mortgage Updated has over 47,000 tweets and a strong following of 6,000+ Twitter followers.

Find Mortgage Updated on Twitter – @MortgageUpdated

Hiscock Sold Team, Top Selling Rochester, NY Real Estate Team

This real estate team has over 30 years combined experience helping buyers and sellers move in and out of the Greater Rochester, New York area.  In addition to their webpage,, you can also find some great articles over on their blog, Rochester Real Estate Blog.  This real estate team has over 1,100 tweets and more than 650 Twitter followers.

Find Hiscock Sold Team on Twitter – @HiscockSoldTeam

Realty Blogger, Real Estate & Social Media Fan

Have you ever been a fan of something?  A sports team?  A celebrity?  A Movie?  You know how much research and time you put into that.  Realty Blogger is a huge fan of real estate and social media which is why they are an absolute follow on Twitter.  With over 8,000 quality tweets and almost 1,500 Twitter followers, Realty Blogger shares some excellent real estate articles and information.

Find Realty Blogger on Twitter – @HollisRealty

Tedster, SEO, Real Estate, & Social Media Fan

Another huge fan of real estate, social media, and SEO, Tedster is a great Twitter account to follow for real estate industry professionals.  Also willing to re-tweet great real estate content to their 1,000+ followers.  Check out their Twitter account and you will be sure to find tweets from many of the great Twitter professionals in this list.

Find Tedster on Twitter – @realtyfan

Real Estate Mortgage, Blogging Community for Real Estate & Mortgage Professionals

Since Twitter is such a fast paced social network, it’s possible that tweets can go unseen.  If you follow Real Estate Mortgage, you have a better chance of not missing out on great real estate and mortgage tweets and content.  With over 11,500 tweets and 2,600+ followers, Real Estate Mortgage is a great professional to check out on Twitter!

Find Real Estate Mortgage on Twitter – @MortgageRealty

Dwight Grange, Top Selling Toronto, Canada Real Estate Agent

The broker of record at Grange Real Estate based out of Toronto, Canada, Dwight is very active on Twitter.  With over 10 years experience in the real estate business, Dwight tweets some great real estate articles.  More than 8,000 tweets and 450 followers, Dwight is constantly sharing top real estate industry related content.

Find Dwight Grange on Twitter – @DwightGrange

Tweets by @DwightGrange

Teresa Cowart, Top Selling Savannah, GA Real Estate Agent

Coastal Georgia real estate agent, Teresa Cowart, shows great pride in her real estate business but also in promoting her community.  Teresa writes articles on real estate related topics as well as local upcoming events.  She has almost 2,500 tweets and almost 2,000 Twitter followers who enjoy not only her real estate articles but also learning about the Coastal Georgia communities that she serves.

Find Teresa Coward on Twitter – @TeresaCowart

Inlanta Mortgage, Madison, WI Mortgage Banker

This nationwide company serves many of the 50 states in the US.  The Twitter account for the Madison, WI branch is a great place to find awesome mortgage and finance information but also real estate articles.  A very active Twitter account with over 21,000 tweets and more than 4,000 Twitter followers, Inlanta Mortgage is a great addition to the Who’s Who of the Real Estate Industry to follow on Twitter!

Find Inlanta Mortgage on Twitter – @madisonmortgage

Jack Otto, Top Selling Bellingham, WA Real Estate Agent

Jack’s family has over 50 years of history in the real estate business and you can tell by Jack’s passion.  He prides himself on providing great service and a level of communication that is second to none.  On Jack’s Twitter account you will find technology tweets, real estate tweets, and tweets relating to his local community.  Jack is extremely active with over 36,000 tweets and has a nice following of almost 1,600.

Find Jack Otto on Twitter – @RottoRealtor

Aiman Abozeid, Manager at Inlanta Mortgage – Madison, WI Branch

With over 13 years of experience helping residents of the state of Wisconsin and the Madison community with their mortgage needs, Aiman, has lots of knowledge in the mortgage and real estate industry.  On Aiman’s blog, you will find articles ranging from information about FHA mortgages to mistakes made by buyers putting little or no money down.  Aiman is very active on Twitter with over 8,700 tweets and more than 1,300 followers.

Find Aiman Abozeid on Twitter – @MadisonLoans

Lynn Pineda, Top Selling Coral Springs, FL Real Estate Agent

South Florida Realtor, Lynn Pineda, ranks in the top 1% of real estate agents in her community.  After reading some of Lynn’s articles on her website, you will not be surprised about the statistic as you will see the time and effort she puts into her content and graphics.  Lynn has over 4,500 tweets and almost 1,400 Twitter followers who enjoy her articles and also the other content she shares.

Find Lynn Pineda on Twitter – @LynnPineda

David Leonard, Mortgage Consultant at Inlanta Mortgage

10+ years experience in the mortgage industry is a good enough reason to include David on the list of Who’s Who to follow on Twitter.  In addition to his experience, David is very active on Twitter with over 8,500 tweets and almost 2,000 Twitter followers.  David consistently is sharing not only some great content from Inlanta Mortgage but also other real estate and mortgage content.

Find David Leonard on Twitter – @MtgProfessor

Anita Clark, Top Selling Warner Robins, GA Real Estate Agent

Anita, like many of the others on this list, does an excellent job writing not only for her local Houston County market reports, but also providing some excellent tips for buyers and sellers.  You can expect to find targeted articles from Anita, such as tips for organizing a garage to what to do when selling a home with mold.  Anita has over 7,000 tweets and a nice Twitter following of over 2,200 followers.

Find Anita Clark on Twitter – @Anita_Clark

Bill Ladewig, California Mortgage Consultant

With over 40 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Bill has an incredible library of knowledge to share with his Twitter followers.  On his website,, you will some great information on FHA loans in addition to other loan products.  With over 7,500 tweets and over 2,220 Twitter followers, Bill is a great professional to follow.

Find Bill Ladewig on Twitter – @FHA_Mortgage

Chris & Karen Highland, Top Selling Frederick, MD Real Estate Agents

If you are looking for information on real estate or information on Frederick, MD, Chris and Karen Highland from the Highland Group are a great resource!  With over 20 years of experience, Chris and Karen know their local community as well as real estate.  Chris & Karen have over 5,300 tweets and almost 1,600 followers on Twitter.

Find Chris & Karen Highland on Twitter – @365Frederick

Cory Kessenich, Mortgage Consultant at Inlanta Mortgage

Another awesome mortgage consultant from Inlanta Mortgage to follow on Twitter, Cory Kessenich.  The staff over Inlanta Mortgage are all very active on Twitter, as you will learn once you follow them.  Cory shares not only his excellent mortgage articles but also other relating real estate and mortgage articles from many of the professionals on this list.  With over 9,000 tweets and almost 1,700 Twitter followers, Cory is well deserving of a follow.

Find Cory Kessenich on Twitter – @MtgRealtor

Placester, Real Estate Technology Company

Many real estate technology companies exist and are on Twitter.  Many of them also only promote their own products and services.  Placester is not like the majority!  This Boston, MA company tweets some great products they provide to real estate professionals but also shares other great real estate related content.  With over 7,600 tweets and 3,300+ Twitter followers, this company is worth checking out on Twitter.

Find Placester on Twitter – @placester

Melody Chamberlain, Co-Owner of MC2 Home Inspections

Melody is the co-owner of MC2 Home Inspections, who is also one of the Who’s Who to follow on Twitter.  Melody handles the front office duties at MC2 but also takes time to monitoring her Twitter account.  You can expect to find some great articles that relate to home inspections but also real estate information for buyers and sellers.  With almost 2,700 tweets and 630+ followers, Melody is a great professional to follow on Twitter.

Find Melody Chamberlain on Twitter – @Melodymrc

Tweets by @melodymrc

Dameco, Top Residential Appraisal Management Company

Based in Phoenix, AZ, Dameco is a company that handles ordering appraisals to completing the appraisal, throughout many of the US states.  Dameco uses cutting-edge technology to serve lenders, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, and others with their appraisal needs.  With over 700 tweets and over 3,400 Twitter followers, you will be hard pressed to find a more active appraisal management company on Twitter.

Find DAMECO on Twitter – @Dameco_AMC

Real Estate Global, Social Network For Real Estate Professionals

Even though companies and professionals can be deceiving on Twitter, Real Estate Global, is not one of them.  This Twitter account literally is global.  You will find tweets ranging from real estate buyer tips to information on Fannie Mae rate information.  One of the most active “tweeters” with over 104,000 tweets and 1,000+ Twitter followers.

Find Real Estate Global on Twitter – @CharaRicken

Paul Sian, Top Selling Cincinnati, OH Real Estate Agent is powered by Paul Sian who also happens to be a great professional to follow on Twitter.  On Paul’s blog you will find some great articles ranging from reasons a home didn’t sell to whether or not open houses are worth it or not.  Paul tweets his detailed blog articles but also does an excellent job sharing other real estate related content.  With over 2,000 tweets and almost 350 Twitter followers, be sure to check out his profile.

Find Paul Sian on Twitter – @PaulPSian

Ferris Property Group, Top Selling Indianapolis, IN Real Estate Team

Todd & Megan Ferris and their other 5 team members make up the Ferris Property Group (FPG) and are a great addition to this Who’s Who list of real estate industry professionals to follow on Twitter.  The FPG creates some excellent articles such as staging tips for selling a home during the winter to preparing for a housewarming party.  The FPG actively tweets content from their website,, as well as other excellent real estate industry content.  With over 2,500 tweets and 500+ Twitter followers, check the FPG out today!

Find Ferris Property Group on Twitter – @FPGIndy

Dan Seim, Top Selling Bend, OR Real Estate Agent

Sharing Bend, OR news as well as real estate articles is one thing to expect when following Dan on Twitter.  On Dan’s website,, you will articles on many common real estate topics, such as how to influence sellers in a multiple offer situation.  With almost 1,000 Twitter followers and 500 tweets, whether you are a Bend, OR resident or not, you should follow Dan on Twitter.

Find Dan Seim on Twitter – @PrefResidential

Rebecca Janowak, Top Selling Rochester, MI Real Estate Agent

Real estate professional, Rebecca Janowak, is a Military Relocation Specialist out of the Greater Detroit, MI area.  Rebecca is a great resource for Detroit real estate news as well as other miscellaneous Detroit news.  She also tweets articles from her website,, as well as other great real estate content.  Rebecca has over 3,000 tweets and 225+ Twitter followers.

Find Rebecca Janowak on Twitter – @SoldBy_Rebecca

David Cronnin, Top Selling Central Indiana Real Estate Agent

With over 10 years experience and $120+ million in closed volume, David is a well vetted real estate agent out of Indiana.  His knowledge is well displayed on his website,, where you will find some nicely crafted real estate articles.  On Twitter, David does an excellent job of sharing his own content but also sharing others too.  He has 2,500+ tweets and over 1,100 Twitter followers who would agree, he is a great professional to follow on Twitter.

Find David Cronnin on Twitter – @DavidACronnin

Alan Reader, Top Selling Fort Worth, TX Real Estate Agent

Alan strives himself on being a paper-less real estate agent, which shows his understanding of technology and social media.  Actively tweeting great real estate content and re-tweeting others content, Alan clearly “gets-it.”  Alan has over 2,000 tweets and a strong following of over 1,500 followers.

Find Alan Reader on Twitter – @realtorindfw

Jay Hughes, Private Client and Group Coach for Real Estate & Mortgage Professionals

Jay was a top performing mortgage professional, prior to beginning to coach mortgage and real estate professionals.  Jay  now spends his time grooming and training loan officers and real estate professionals.  On Twitter, Jay is actively sharing solid real estate and mortgage articles to his 3,000+ Twitter followers.

Find Jay Hughes on Twitter – @PressingOn

Seth Williams, Founder of is a website created to inform and guide the part-time real estate investor, founded by Seth.  Seth has been an active real estate investor since 2006 and has a great deal of knowledge.  On Seth’s website and Twitter profile, you will find some excellent articles for investors.  With over 1,700 tweets and over 3,700 Twitter followers, Seth is one of the best to follow if you are a real estate investor or have interest in real estate investing.

Find Seth Williams on Twitter – @retipsterseth

The above 50 real estate industry professionals are all excellent people or companies to follow on Twitter.  They all either have their own great content you can learn from or actively share other great content you can learn from.  I promise that if you follow these 50 Twitter profiles, you will learn something new on a daily basis from the content they share!

Other “Who’s Who” of the Real Estate Industry to Follow On Social Media

The "Who's Who" of the Real Estate Industry to Follow on Social Media - Pinterest

The “Who’s Who” of the Real Estate Industry to Follow on Social Media – Pinterest

The "Who's Who" of the Real Estate Industry to Follow on Social Media - Google Plus

The “Who’s Who” of the Real Estate Industry to Follow on Social Media – Google Plus


About the authors:  The above article “The “Who’s Who” of the Real Estate Industry to Follow on Social Media – Twitter” was provided by the Keith Hiscock Sold Team (Keith & Kyle Hiscock).  With over 30 years combined experience, if you’re thinking of selling or buying, we’d love to share our knowledge and expertise.

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