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Here was the spread of food from Saturday.

Here was the spread of food from Saturday.

This past Saturday we had our Euchre group which meets monthly and which brought to mind that if you like to play euchre this is something you might want to consider!  Why not form your own Euchre club! Both myself (Keith) and my wife (Kim), have participated in various euchre groups (singles,couples) since about 2001! It’s not only fun, but it gets us out for an evening with our close friends and makes for an entertaining and enjoyable time!

There are many variations to how you could organize this but this is how our group works.  We presently have the wife and I and 5 other couples that are in our group.  We meet every 3rd Saturday of the month at 6pm., starting in September and finishing up with a Saturday afternoon year end play and picnic at our house in May. (We used to play thru June but found with summer events and vacations that it was just to hard for everyone to commit thru June.)  Everyone brings whatever they’d like for a snack or finger foods so there’s usually a good variety to eat.  (You certainly could also do a “dinner” format where everyone brings a dish to pass).

Sometime every August I send out an email to all the couples with the 3rd Saturday  dates (September thru May) and asking for everyone to pick a month that they would like to “host” (3 couples actually take 2 months)to fill the 9 months that we play.

Sample of our standing sheet with hosts and dates of play

Sample of our standing sheet with hosts and dates of play

Once we solidify who’s taking what months I complete a spreadsheet I created using Microsoft Excel, with the couples addresses and  the appropriate dates they are hosting. (everyone puts the dates on their calendars for those 9 months in advance) On occasion a couple or individual cannot make the date in which case we have a “sub” list.

We use a 12 person format but there is a 8 person format if you were only able to get 8 players. Every month we play a total of 11 games.Each person plays with everyone once.  Each game consists of each player dealing twice (so 8 hands) which keeps the games moving along. Prior to starting play you “guess” or estimate and write down on the score sheet, what you are going to end up with at the end of the 11 games for your score.  In our group we each contribute $5.00 per player so at the end of the evening we pay 1st ($30.00) 2nd ( $15.00)and 3rd ($10.00)place winners (high scores) and the person closest to their guess ($5.00) without going over it.

Our final completed score sheet from this past Saturday's tournament!

Our final completed score sheet from this past Saturday’s tournament!

Each player keeps their own score while playing. After each game we “post” to the sheet for that game what each players score was, socialize a bit and nibble on some snacks and food and of course sip our favorite beverage of choice. The spreadsheet has a table rotation so we have 3 tables set up. After the 1st month of play, I update and post the scores for each player and then “sort” the columns so it ranks everyone  from 1st place to 12th. Each month that gets updated.  Your place on the standing sheet becomes your player number for the next month so you know for each game which table you are at and who your partner is.  We use a “stat” sheet strictly to make it a bit more competitive. Although the sheet makes it competitive we play for the fun and social aspect of it all. We also track if a player gets “skunked” (didn’t get any points in a game) or if a player was euchred on a loner attempt!  You may not choose to have a “stat” sheet.

Setting the mood and ambiance with a roaring fire!

Setting the mood and ambiance with a roaring fire!

Even the cats enjoyed everyone's company!

Even the cats enjoyed everyone’s company!

If you decide to form your own Euchre group, feel free to contact me and I’d love to elaborate further on how our group does different things. I’d also be happy to provide you with the Microsoft Excel sheet to get your group started.



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